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The Philosophy of Conscious Business

The philosophy of conscious business operates on five simple principals. They are:

1. The purpose of life is to be happy. The way adults gain happiness in life is to create value in the lives of other people using their talents, knowledge and passions.

2. You use your talents, knowledge and passion to create a business value that people are willing and eager to pay for.

3. You are eager to tell the world about the value you have created. You do that by selling your value with a strong sense of purpose.

4. Once you have a client, you continue to add value to their life consistently.

5. You never, ever wait for clients to ask for you help; because you know they won’t.

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Did Go Daddy Alienate You

Go Daddy has gotten a lot of attention from their controversial and sexy ad campaigns during the Super Bowl over the last couple of years.

One effect that they may not track, however, is whether or not there is a segment of their buying public that is turned off by the imagery.

Here’s what one of my subscribers had to say, “We're removing our three business sites, all our future sites, and our non-profit business site from GoDaddy.

“Had we not seen their ads, including the one depicting impossibly shaped college girls as the center of old men's highest choice and attention with less attractive women getting ignored and passed by, allowing those ads to come into the living rooms of girls and boys via ads, and conditioning their minds so negatively, we may have stayed with GoDaddy forever and grown our businesses along with them.

“After all, my non-profit is partly to help empower women and break away from negative conditioning. I can't imagine simultaneously supporting GoDaddy.”

Should you shape your marketing to just one person? No.

Should you consider the ramifications of how your marketing may affect a group of people, like women for example? Absolutely.

The Concept of Competition is a Waste of Time

There are only 2-types of businesses that ever have to worry about competition:

1. Fast food restaurants and chain stores – they are a known commodity and type of business model that can only work in one specific way.

2. Anyone who is selling a product or service based on the selliing traditions of their industry.

When you use your knowledge and inherent strengths (talent) to create values that benefit other people, you are one-of-a-kind.

Sure, there may be other people doing what you do but they cannot offer what you provide. They can never have your unique perspective, knowledge, experience and ability.

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