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What Do Geniuses Actually Do?

Janisperfomance Here's something else that made Janis (and you and me and everyone else) cutting edge. It’s called “Simplicity.”

All Janis really did was take what was already there (blues, Motown, and jazz singers) and looked beneath the surface of it to discover something that was truly and authentically her, deep inside.

THAT is what genius really is. Taking what is already there, finding something that is authentically you inside of it and creating your own expression - to birth something again in a new form.

Do You Recognize Genius When You See It

Janisjoplin I have a bad cold and didn't feel focused enough to read last night like I normally do these days, so I flipped through the TV channels to see what was on. Not much UNTIL I found a special on Janis Joplin.

MAN, did that ever flash memories from the past and bring feelings to the surface to review again.

There was a time in Chicago in 1968 when I was a young musician. As a young musician, listening to top bands was "the" thing to do.

Janis Joplin, featuring Big Brother and the Holding Company were playing at club called “The Cheeta” on Lawrence Ave, just East of Sheridan Rd on the North side.

You just have no idea you're looking at genius when you see it. Now, 30 years later, it's obvious. But only when you look back at something you saw long ago but missed in reality at the time.

Sure, we all loved Janis, but did we actually realize the depth of what we were experiencing?

How many times do we look at genius, in our self and in others, and just miss it all together. We just take in the scenery that flashes in front of our faces; then, 30 years later realize that we experienced genius at work but didn't REALLY fully appreciate it at the time.

Boy, we miss a lot of life when we do that!

Earl Grey, Weird Ritual Object Or...

Teabagpyramid Sometimes we see a shape and use our imagination to create an association.

Take this package as an example. When seen from a distance some may think it is some kind of ritual object because of its pyramid shape.

In fact, when spotted in a retail store, sitting on a stool in a fitting room, people thought someone was trying to “clear the energy” from the space with a pyramid shape.

On closer inspection, it’s an ingenious bit of packaging for a single serving tea bag. You have to admit, when you see that sitting almost anywhere, you are going to want to take a closer look to see what it really is. In the tea section, it will certainly stand out.

Brilliant packaging. It will get noticed over and over again and generate word-of-mouth marketing buzz, simply because it is different than all the other tea bags packages.