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Earl Grey, Weird Ritual Object Or...

Teabagpyramid Sometimes we see a shape and use our imagination to create an association.

Take this package as an example. When seen from a distance some may think it is some kind of ritual object because of its pyramid shape.

In fact, when spotted in a retail store, sitting on a stool in a fitting room, people thought someone was trying to “clear the energy” from the space with a pyramid shape.

On closer inspection, it’s an ingenious bit of packaging for a single serving tea bag. You have to admit, when you see that sitting almost anywhere, you are going to want to take a closer look to see what it really is. In the tea section, it will certainly stand out.

Brilliant packaging. It will get noticed over and over again and generate word-of-mouth marketing buzz, simply because it is different than all the other tea bags packages.