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Integrated Power Thinking

Human beings think in metaphors and analog models. They tell stories to explain other concepts and use mental pictures to gain a better understanding.

When dealing with challenges or achievements in your life, “picturing” what you want rather than writing down the words will have greater impact and help you achieve the result quicker.

Picture your overall goal and "see" as many of the steps as you can. The more effort you put into gaining a clear picture the easier it will be to take action.

Take action each day to reach that destination. Small steps, taken every day reap big rewards over time.

If you say you cannot do this; you’re right. It’s probably too much hard thinking to do for most people. The majority will always remain stuck in the rut they are in now.

This idea is only for the top 20% of people who are ready to break free of the boring rut, make decisions on what they want, and go for it consistently.

Which camp are you in?