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Conscious or Unconscious

Why did you start your small business? It was probably to break out of routine rut of a
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Now that you broke free, how do you go about your day? Are you on auto pilot, doing the same routine day in and day out, whether it works or not?

To break free you have realize that you’re stuck. This is called being conscious.

Many people never admit that they are in a rut. As a result they stay there. This is called being unconscious.

When you live in a conscious state of mind, you are able to identify problems easily. It’s like you can see the future based on your observations of all that surrounds you today.

The same can be said for your talents and passions in life and business.

The conscious approach is to:

  • Spot your greatest talent
  • Understand the advantages of it fully
  • See the value that can be created to enhance the lives of others
  • Use that strength as your sales and marketing message to build (or extend) a business that you’ll love every day of your life.

The unconscious approach would be to keep going through the same routine; offering the same thing you always have and expect a different result.