The Best Year Ever
The 10-secrets the most successful people in business know that you do not?

Dave and I Had to Laugh

My friend, Dave Barnhart of Business Blogging sent me the following message this morning:


I couldn't help but comment on your "One and only true purpose of a  business" statement. (read the article here)  It is SO VERY TRUE.

I was at a seminar a few  months ago and when asked the reason I was in business I replied "To Make Money" and was thoroughly chastised by the presenter.  He felt 
that one needed a higher calling.

I kept my mouth shut but I wanted to say, "Hey, if my purpose was NOT 
to make money then I would have become a 501c3!"

Best Regards,

And THAT is why so few businesses make it.

The "experts" are leading us all astray. Many people are following and failing.

The purpose of life is to be happy.

The way to be happy is to live your dreams.

The way to live your dreams is to create a business that allows you to use your talents and passions fully.

AND the reason to create that business is to generate wealth so that you can live a HAPPY life of freedom and balance - you know, life on your own terms.

Now that you know the  meaning of life - Let's all get together and live it!

Happy New Year Everyone!