The Cycle of Success Part II
It's Only a Holiday in the USA

What to Write If You Cannot Write at All

Writing is very intimidating to most people. The reason? They simply do not know what to write about.

Here’s a simple fact. All day long you share your expertise. What do you say when you are in front of clients and prospects? Write it down and amazingly you instantly have an article.

Now that you have an article, here's what to do with it.

1. Call your 'suspects' to ask for permission to send an article you wrote that talks about ______ (a value the listener would want to receive)

2. When they give you permission to send the article, set up a time to reconnect by phone to see what they thought.

3. Reconnect by telephone at the appointed time and explore their potential as a client.

If they are not available when you call, realize they are not experiencing enough pain in your area. Simply move on.

Now it’s up to your system of selling to convert attraction into revenue at LEAST 1 in 5 times.

You DO have a system of selling that converts on a consistent basis, don’t you?

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