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The Cycle of Success Part II

Last week, I posted an item on my blog that talked about the Cycle of Success and used an NFL Football as one way to observe this cycle in action.

NFL Football showed us to be successful it takes:

1. Focus

2. Strategy

3. Determination.

The blog post goes on to ask the question – “How does YOUR business stack up?”

  • Do you know your strengths (from the client’s perspective)?
  • Do you have an ongoing, consistent method of telling that story?
  • Do you tend to put aside strategy and planning with the destructive self-talk of “I’ll get to it soon, but I’m just too busy right now?”

Success in football, life and business takes focus, strategy and determination. Without it your business is merely surviving rather than thriving in a niche marketing driven world.

If sales process and marketing strategy is overwhelming for you to consider be sure to click here for immediate assistance.