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Manuel de la Torre's Results

Manuel_de_la_torre After taking to heart my golf lesson from golf icon Manuel de la Torre I'm happy to report that the ideas he gave me in a 45 minute lesson shaved SIX strokes off of my game.

WOW! (That's a lot if you're not familiar with golf).


Because I remembered the "story" he told me during the lesson and was better able to relate that to my game on the course.

Well, now we know why Mr. de la Torre is a top name in golf instruction.

If you play golf I also highly recommend his book called Understanding the Golf Swing. Great ideas and lessons on every page.

The Cycle of Success

Paultagliabuenflfootball There is a cycle of success that many people don't realize exists.

One way this cycle can be observed in action is by watching NFL Football.

Watch any great Quarterback or Head Coach. They have the following elements working for them in every game.

1. Focus. They know their teams style of play and strengths as well as weaknesses.

2. Strategy. They have a plan and follow it.

3. Determination. They keep trying until they find what's working best in a particular game then they keep doing what works.

Of course there are teams who are not strong in these areas.

  • They don't know their teams personality (it seems to change every week)
  • Their strategy fails often because they don't have the proper focus.
  • Their determination is based on "Better luck next week."

Now take a look at your business and see how you stack up.

Ask the Problem and Answer With a Story

Manueldelatorre Yesterday, I was invited to take a golf lesson as part of a seminar for golf instructors from an icon teacher named Manuel de la Torre.

Manuel wrote the book, so to speak, on how to play golf with his book, Understanding the Golf Swing.

Manuel started by asking me, "What's your greatest problem when you're playing golf?"

"Inconsistency, sometimes I hit great shots and other times I completely blow it." was my reply.

Manuel had me hit some shots. He watched then asked me, "If I didn't know anything about playing golf and you were to tell me how to hit the golf ball, what would you tell me?"

Dumbfounded for a moment I replied, "Well, I'd tell you to stay relaxed, use your body and swing the club, don't really try to hit the ball."

Manuel did what I told him but added a LOT of wrist action. "Is this how to do it," he asked.

"No, you don't want the wrists in there," was my reply.

"That's right, but that's what you're doing. You put the wrists in there instead of swinging with your arms."

Manuel asked for the problem as I saw it, observed what I was doing, told me a story that got me thinking and allowed the answer to unfold inside of me.

Then he added, "Observe what you're doing. Don't just swing and swing, observe how are you moving your body, what does that feel like, what's happening each time."

Think, observe, remain conscious. WOW! Break through common sense.

We can learn a lot about delivering services and teaching from Manuel de la Torre. I certainly did. Thank you Manuel.

And a special thank you to my friend and exceptional golf instructor Kay Jeanquartier for inviting me to participate in the most interesting 45 minutes I've spent in a long time.

Kay teaches at Ocotillo Golf Resort in Chandler AZ. She provides excellent instruction that is always well worth the drive.