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Marketing That Fails 100% of the Time

Do you know what kind of marketing and sales process is guaranteed to fail 100% of the time?

It’s the marketing and sales process development that never gets DONE!

Here are the steps that must be accomplished to ensure revenue growth:

1st Develop the product or service. Be sure the brand, identity and MEME will attract the "right kind" of clients.

2nd Identify the market and create a list of targets. Keep adding to that list of targets over time and consistently build a bigger list.

3rd Create a five to seven tier promotion and send it to that niche group of people.

4th Be sure you have developed a fully functioning sales component to create revenue consistently once marketing attracts interest.

5th Set a time line to launch your marketing campaign and stick to it!

6th Track the success of your campaign.

7th Once you have a marketing campaign on the street and it is working, add layers like advertising, PR and on line marketing.

8th Continue to communicate consistently. Create content that establishes you as the “Go to person in your niche” and feeds your sales pipeline deeper. 

If you can't create content or develop a winning sales process on your own. Get the help you need. Don't let 2007 be another disappointing year.