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Making Your Web Site Work

SalesPgScrnSht If you’re like most people in business, you know you need a web site. The problem is you’re not sure why or how to make it work for your business.

Here’s how to make your web site more effective starting today.

1. Evaluate each page on your site. Ask yourself “What is the purpose of this page” and “What is the outcome I expect from it.”

2. Every page that does not have a focused purpose and outcome should be eliminated.

3, Provide visitors with an easy way to opt-in when they visit your web site. Using services like AWeber will allow anyone to add a form and track activity easily, inexpensively and automatically.

4. Offer a soft step. Allow people to take a small step closer to you, at no cost, to see what you are all about. A blog is one example of a soft step. It provides information and allows prospects to learn more about how you think.

5. If you can’t get this done effectively, get help. Learn how you can gain my help in creating a web site that drives sales leads into your pipeline.