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It's Only a Holiday in the USA

I sent out a “Happy Thanksgiving” post to my list yesterday. I got a lot of thank you notes back for the thought and for the special gift I gave away in that message.

One response really caught my eye and made me think about this USA only holiday.

It was from one of my subscribers in Australia and said, “Thanks Bill, we don't celebrate thanksgiving down here (Oz) but appreciate the thought.”

My reply back was, “Yep, only the USA celebrates Thanksgiving that’s for sure. It’s REALLY the kick off to the holiday shopping season in truth.

We’re so consumer conscious in this country. Sometimes it’s amazing when you stop to reflect on it for a moment.  We’ve turned a day of thanks into a day of anticipation for the biggest shopping day of the year."

Interesting to think about. So, now it’s Friday. Let’s go out and get some shopping done!

If you missed the post and want to see it all you have to do is click here.