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Marketing That Fails 100% of the Time

Do you know what kind of marketing and sales process is guaranteed to fail 100% of the time?

It’s the marketing and sales process development that never gets DONE!

Here are the steps that must be accomplished to ensure revenue growth:

1st Develop the product or service. Be sure the brand, identity and MEME will attract the "right kind" of clients.

2nd Identify the market and create a list of targets. Keep adding to that list of targets over time and consistently build a bigger list.

3rd Create a five to seven tier promotion and send it to that niche group of people.

4th Be sure you have developed a fully functioning sales component to create revenue consistently once marketing attracts interest.

5th Set a time line to launch your marketing campaign and stick to it!

6th Track the success of your campaign.

7th Once you have a marketing campaign on the street and it is working, add layers like advertising, PR and on line marketing.

8th Continue to communicate consistently. Create content that establishes you as the “Go to person in your niche” and feeds your sales pipeline deeper. 

If you can't create content or develop a winning sales process on your own. Get the help you need. Don't let 2007 be another disappointing year.

It's Only a Holiday in the USA

I sent out a “Happy Thanksgiving” post to my list yesterday. I got a lot of thank you notes back for the thought and for the special gift I gave away in that message.

One response really caught my eye and made me think about this USA only holiday.

It was from one of my subscribers in Australia and said, “Thanks Bill, we don't celebrate thanksgiving down here (Oz) but appreciate the thought.”

My reply back was, “Yep, only the USA celebrates Thanksgiving that’s for sure. It’s REALLY the kick off to the holiday shopping season in truth.

We’re so consumer conscious in this country. Sometimes it’s amazing when you stop to reflect on it for a moment.  We’ve turned a day of thanks into a day of anticipation for the biggest shopping day of the year."

Interesting to think about. So, now it’s Friday. Let’s go out and get some shopping done!

If you missed the post and want to see it all you have to do is click here.

What to Write If You Cannot Write at All

Writing is very intimidating to most people. The reason? They simply do not know what to write about.

Here’s a simple fact. All day long you share your expertise. What do you say when you are in front of clients and prospects? Write it down and amazingly you instantly have an article.

Now that you have an article, here's what to do with it.

1. Call your 'suspects' to ask for permission to send an article you wrote that talks about ______ (a value the listener would want to receive)

2. When they give you permission to send the article, set up a time to reconnect by phone to see what they thought.

3. Reconnect by telephone at the appointed time and explore their potential as a client.

If they are not available when you call, realize they are not experiencing enough pain in your area. Simply move on.

Now it’s up to your system of selling to convert attraction into revenue at LEAST 1 in 5 times.

You DO have a system of selling that converts on a consistent basis, don’t you?

If this is simply too much for you to accomplish on your own, click Here >