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The Best Sales Lead Generation Tool

Consistent communication with existing clients and prospects who are just like your most successful clients is the best sales lead generation tool you have at your disposal.

When broken down there are only 3-Steps to Creating a Sale

In step one, you engage people who may have interest in the value you offer.

This is best accomplished through marketing (longer term strategy) or direct contact (immediate response). Simply ask the question “Is this value of interest to you.”

Everyone who says “yes” becomes a strong lead in your sales pipeline.

If you profile existing successful clients and find other people who are like them, you'll hear yes more often than no.

Next you convert that interest into revenue through identifying a want or desire your client/prospect has based on the value your business provides and filling it. 

Once a prospect converts to a client, making ongoing offers will create:

a.) Greater and long lasting value for your business and theirs.

b.) An ongoing relationship built on trust and mutual success.

If you are not gaining new business from existing clients you are losing money and creating a business that is stuck or going in reverse instead of moving forward.

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Is Bribery a Viable Marketing Tactic

I receive offers all day long from various companies. I study them carefully, analyze what makes them work and track the campaign to see how/if they follow up.

Sales Genie is a great company, offering a great service. In a recent HTML email campaign they made a startling offer:

Receive a FREE
13" Sharp LCD TV!

Purchase within 7 days
and receive a 13" Sharp LCD TV with your prepaid subscription!*

Then they added a phone number to call in your order.

HEY, if you're going to buy anyway, why not do it now and get the free gift.

  • Would you buy because of this incentive?
  • Would you buy without any incentive at all?
  • Does this attract your attention and make you pick up the telephone today?

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