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Ask Your Clients What They Want to Be Called

I just realized something very important I wanted to share.

My insurance agent calls me by my full name. There are very few people who do and almost all of them are people I don't really relate to in a friendly way, like the IRS for example.

I find that I don't really like communicating with my insurance agent a lot. No real need to unless there is an accident, right?

What about his back end sales potential to me? Pretty nil really.

Would I switch agents? Probably. Am I looking to? No. Why not? Too much trouble to do and I don't care to spend my time that way.

Here's the take away. Ask every client you have how they like to be addressed.

Robert's sometimes like to be called Bob. John's on occasion are Jack's to their best friends.

The payoff is increased comfort and a more meaningful relationship with every client on your list.