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Wise Words by Jack Canfield

A Deal’s a Deal Until . . .

Screwstandard Last Friday I sent out an email that offered an interesting product called the Best Detox Footbath.

I was pretty amazed by it; considering that my wife, Michelle, was able to get an exclusive to sell a faster working, battery powered unit on her web site.

To make a long story short, one of my subscribers emailed me shortly after I sent the offer. She said that the same unit was on sale on EBay for half the price.

I investigated. Lo and behold, OUR manufacturer was selling the same unit, with a smaller soaking tub, for half the price.

We checked in with the manufacturer. He felt that since he changed the shape of the ion generator and reduced the tub size it was a different product.

We felt that he had misrepresented himself and his exclusive offer to us. Since trust had been violated Michelle eliminated his product.

So a deal is deal until someone wants to violate trust. When that occurs, the only deal I can accept is to say good-bye.

Honesty and integrity is all we have when dealing with others in small business. Maintaining it doesn’t take much more than being honest, truthful and keeping your word.