How to Get Started Sharing Your Expertise.
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Why Do I Want to Communicate?

You want to communicate for 2-reasons:

1. To provide ideas that help clients achieve their business goals.

2. To make recommendations that have value to niche groups you can service.

But all communications are NOT created equal.

When communicating with clients do not say, “Here’s the best deal ever on our latest widget or service.”

Instead send a communication that presents an idea that helps your clients achieve their greatest goals. Read the full strategy here >

Prospects also need to receive value from your communications. It’s the story in your prospects mind that counts.

Instead of blasting out a SAVE MONEY, WE’RE THE BEST CHOICE or YOU CAN TRUST US; how about making a recommendation.

Tell them, I understand your challenges and I have a solution that has been used by other companies in your industry.

Offer to set a time to sit down and talk in depth about their (your prospects) business.

Providing ideas and making recommendations are two very solid communication strategies that bring you more business or open the door to meaningful sales opportunities.

This is a condensed version of this week’s Creative Business Strategy.

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