Hunting is a Shot in the Dark
Best Buy v. CompUSA, a Lesson in Client Service

The Reason Small Businesses Fail

The reason small businesses fail is because they lack revenue. Generating enough revenue to remain in business seems to be a mystery to many.

A business lacks revenue because the owner doesn’t communicate a message consistently to a group of people who have reason to care.

To easily avoid this common trap all you have to do is:

Plan to communicate a message people want to hear consistently.

  1. Identify YOUR ideal client (the people who most value the message).
  2. Follow a simple 3-step sales process. (Download my sales process idea here).
  3. Make offers to help people who need your guidance consistently.
  4. Sell more to people who already purchased from you as part of your daily routine.

Sounds pretty easy, so why doesn’t everyone do it?