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Best Buy v. CompUSA, a Lesson in Client Service

Hpnotebookweb_1 I wanted to upgrade the RAM memory on my notebook computer. I called Best Buy. I was immediately put through to the Geek Squad. It took less than one minute to make that happen.

Told him what I needed, got a price of $130 for memory and installation and a time estimate of 15-minutes to do the work.

Then I called CompUSA to compare prices.

I was put on hold. Then I got disconnected. Finally I got through to a human being in computer repair.

How much to add RAM memory to my machine? "$30 to install," was the reply.

How much for the chip, "I'm busy now and don't have time to look it up."

OK, I'll go to Best Buy.

Remember this lesson the next time a new client calls for a price. When you're viewed as a commodity, client care is always the deciding factor.

The Reason Small Businesses Fail

The reason small businesses fail is because they lack revenue. Generating enough revenue to remain in business seems to be a mystery to many.

A business lacks revenue because the owner doesn’t communicate a message consistently to a group of people who have reason to care.

To easily avoid this common trap all you have to do is:

Plan to communicate a message people want to hear consistently.

  1. Identify YOUR ideal client (the people who most value the message).
  2. Follow a simple 3-step sales process. (Download my sales process idea here).
  3. Make offers to help people who need your guidance consistently.
  4. Sell more to people who already purchased from you as part of your daily routine.

Sounds pretty easy, so why doesn’t everyone do it?

Hunting is a Shot in the Dark

When it comes to sales, most people in business today embrace the outdated “Hunter” mentality. Go out and bag game, eat for a day and go out and bag some more.

In 2006, however we cannot afford to hunt. It’s too expensive.

Also, because the majority of people hunt, the market is crowded with people SCREAMING sales messages to everyone in general.

So we need to become farmers. Farmers find a field, plant seeds, harvest, and replant. They have a continuous stream of food (sales) no matter what the conditions bring.

Learn how you can start farming today by clicking here. Your accountant will thank you.