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The Benefits of Staying in Touch

Kathy_head_shot A couple months ago I participated in a promotion with Kathleen Gage for her new book The Law of Achievement.

The promo was a big success and Kathleen's book rose to # 1 on Amazon from her efforts.

I was pleasantly surprised to hear from Kathleen today. Just to say thanks, let me know that her move went well and she's settled in her new home in Oregon.

Her note ended with "I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated you being a part of my Amazon campaign in May. I couldn't have been as successful with the campaign without the help of people like yourself. You are the best!"

Caring, staying in touch, connecting -- we can all learn a LOT about marketing from Kathleen's excellent example.

Learn more about her latest project at 

Why I Buy Tibetan Incense

I have been purchasing hand made Tibetan Incense from the Dharmashop for some time now.

Every time I do I get another surprise.

  • Like notes on handmade paper
  • Or an incense holder for the stick incense they send me
  • Even a note of apprecation via email after the purchase

They always reinforce my joy in doing business with them by adding small unexpected surprises in every order.

What small, unexpected surprise can YOU add to your business? Do it now and become remarkable tomorrow just like the Dharmashop has done.

By the way - their web address is included on every package.