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I was VERY brave. I asked my list to opt-in again. I heard you all the way through the Internet -- WHY?

The reasons are simple.

  • I want to ensure my subscribers want to be here.
  • The information I share has value to the people who receive my messages.
  • People who may have gotten a freebie and forgotten about me are not bothered by messages that are not personal, anticipated and relevant.

Our topic is changing too. We're focusing on "communication" in business.

The kind of communication we'll focus on is used to sell products, services and ideas.

It's the kind of communication that is PERFECT for small businesses and creative corporate cultures.

If you would like to subscribe go on over to my new Creating Words That Sell web site and sign up.

If you're already on my list, watch for the email that instructs you to opt-in again to remain on the list. You will receive that on Thursday.

Either way, when you become a subscriber you'll be motivated and inspired to communicate more effectively, starting today.

Three creative mind challenges that can increase your productivity.

1. Pick one thing you love to do but haven’t done for a while. Spend a day or two enjoying it.

2. Do something you have never done before. Expand your horizons by taking in a brand new experience.

3. Do the opposite.

  • If you normally sit home, get out.
  • If you’re out and about all the time, try staying home, relaxing.
  • Read a magazine you have never heard of before.
  • Go to the zoo or the art museum.
  • If you love going to movies, try a play instead.

By breaking out of old patterns, new ideas emerge. Those new ideas can lead to breakthroughs you are not able to see from where you sit today.

How to create great experiences in your life and business

First, understand exactly what you want out of life.

This sometimes takes the form of “admitting what you really want” more than anything else. Many people suppress what they truly want so they can fit society, family or workplace expectations.

Relate those true desires to your business. A majority of people want to have the pleasure of using their inherent strengths (talents) and best creative ideas (personal genius) as the way they earn a living.

Next, take a look at what you think on a daily basis. Are your thoughts angry, judgmental, and full of anxiety? Or do you go with the flow easily, learn from the events that occur in your life and create pleasant experiences for the most part?

Finally, take small steps on a daily basis to create your desired destination in life and business.

By understanding what you want out of life, monitoring your thoughts, stopping the negative judgment of events and taking steps every day that will get you to where you truly want to go; your experience of life and business will change dramatically.

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