Three creative mind challenges that can increase your productivity.
Small is the New Big is Out


I was VERY brave. I asked my list to opt-in again. I heard you all the way through the Internet -- WHY?

The reasons are simple.

  • I want to ensure my subscribers want to be here.
  • The information I share has value to the people who receive my messages.
  • People who may have gotten a freebie and forgotten about me are not bothered by messages that are not personal, anticipated and relevant.

Our topic is changing too. We're focusing on "communication" in business.

The kind of communication we'll focus on is used to sell products, services and ideas.

It's the kind of communication that is PERFECT for small businesses and creative corporate cultures.

If you would like to subscribe go on over to my new Creating Words That Sell web site and sign up.

If you're already on my list, watch for the email that instructs you to opt-in again to remain on the list. You will receive that on Thursday.

Either way, when you become a subscriber you'll be motivated and inspired to communicate more effectively, starting today.