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What You See (in your mind) is What You Get

To reach any goal takes energy. But before energy is spent, focus and clarity must be achieved or your results will not be what you want.

Here are the steps to take to realize your greatest ambitions.

1. See your abilities, talents, passions and desires from another person’s point of view.

NOTE: A friend cannot help here because they bring bias about you based on past experience. You need an outside point of view if you hope to break through.

2. Start at the end result you want to achieve and work backwards. This is called backward target planning.

3. Create a plan on paper and follow it. When conditions change, modify the plan and move forward. Plans are maps that keep you on course.

4. Remain flexible to take advantage of new discoveries and information but stay focused on your ultimate big picture thinking.

Your life is worth the effort it takes to stand out from the crowd and live your inherent strengths, greatest passions and personal genius. It’s never too late to begin. How about starting today?

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