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Archie Has a New Groomer

Dscn1065 Archie is our little adopted Terrier dog I rescued a few years ago. Archie goes to the groomer every few months.

Last week, it was time once again and I wanted to find a new groomer, closer to home. (NOTE: The groomer I was going to was a commodity that I felt I could easily replace with someone closer).

One day I spotted a a banner that said "Arms Full of Love, Grooming." They were close by and it appeared they were new in business.

On the window they advertised, a fun environment, all natural products, and overall gave a nice impression. Of course, I went in.

I told them I was very happy to see we had such a great new groomer in the area.

The woman behind the counter said they had been in the shopping center for 10 years, they just moved to a larger space. They were right next to the vet (she pointed out the window to a big sign that said "GROOMER" that was about 500 feet away)

Honestly, I never even noticed that sign; even though it was right next to a food store we go to all the time.

Why? How did I miss that BIG GROOMER signer.

Because I was looking for Arms Full of Love. A groomer who cared about my pet, one who thought enough to use all natural products. A place where Archie might have some fun and be treated well while getting groomed.

See the difference?

Is your business and brand a GROOMER or Arms Full of Love? Or, worse yet, are you a commodity that can easily be replaced?

Let's Pretend

On several occasions, I've given you a challenge: "Pretend you are the Miracle of the Universe, instead of pretending to be the stressed out, overwhelmed person you are pretending to be right now.

How does that make you feel?

Great - WOW! If life is created by my thoughts, why not think that I'm a miracle instead of thinking I am something less.

Or, did you feel angry: "AAKKK, what the heck is Bill talking about. He's crazy."

Or overwhelmed: "I could NEVER be anything more than I am today. This is it for me."

Consider this -- If you think you can or if you think you can't, you are right either way.

Frame your thoughts to create the miraculous and Develop Your Vision.

I Finally Discovered the Secret to Balancing Work and Life

There is a secret to getting what you want in life. It's called "Purposeful Creation." Here are the steps to follow.

1. Know what you want in your life? Write it down and review it every day.

2. Start the day doing something that feeds your passion.

3. Take 15-minutes to plan your day before it starts.

4. Follow your plan. Stay on track.

If you get off track, catch yourself by being aware of what you’re doing and get back on track as quickly as possible so that you will regain control of your day.

A simple yet highly effective idea.

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