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How to Penetrate a Golf Key Account

Bright_idea_card In working with my golf company project, this process was successful for penetrating a key account.

This was a 5 top manufacuter in the golf industry and their golf school and retail store in Las Vegas

Step 1: Find the Decision Maker and get permission to communicate - Marketing Touches 1 and 2

5/31/06 Called Corporate offices, talked to the Executive Assistant. Found out the name and title of the Decision Maker for my category.

At the same time confirmed that they would be interested in my story. Got permission to use executive assistants name when calling the Decision Maker (DM).

Called DM and left a "what's in it for them" message developed with the Irresistible Offer Process

Sent email that I'm trying to reach them for the benefit to them reason.

Step 2: Reengage: Left message. Sent direct mail card "Bright Idea". Marketing Touches 3 and 4

6/2/06 Called again, same message, sent a marketing card restating the benefit of the Irresistible Offer with a front that had a light bulb that said "Bright Idea" (see photo)

Step 3: Final attempt. Marketing Touch 5 and 6

6/9 Call 3, Left message that I don’t want to be a pest but have something of interest to talk about. Here's whats in it for you. If I don't hear back, I'll assume BENEFIT is not relevant to you. Don't have them scheduled for a call back.

6/9 US Mail a testimonial package of 2 name testimonials (industry people he knows), a PR piece from the industry relating to our company, a flyer of the product, an article about the product, and a handwritten note in a # 10 envelope, with a stamp. On the outside of the envelope wrote "Information about NAME HE KNOWS you'll find interesting."

Marketing Touch 7: Reengage the Executive Assistant

6/13 Reengaged the Executive Assistant, confirmed the correct person was being called, restated "what's in it for them", made sure the buying process was through the person I was attempting to call, gave her a web link to check the product out if she wants to.

Result: The Decision Maker (DM) called back

6/21 DM called and placed a trial order based on a 6-month buy back guarantee. Mentioned finally getting to the "testimonial mailing" as the reason for his call back.

The stranger became a friend and a friend became a client.


7 marketing touches, a guarantee that put the risk on me so he felt save trying it, integrated communication, an advocate inside the business, confirmation that the offer was a value they want, offer articulated in a way that took human psychology into account and a low key approach when communicating verbally.

Systems and processes make all sales efforts work better. Without marketing, sales becomes a much harder job.

Remember too: every contact to anyone in the organization is a marketing touch.

Marketing identifies, creates outreach and attracts. Sales turns attraction into money.

In Loving Memory of a Great Friend

101305_sierraToday we lost our girl dog, Sierra. She was 9-years old.

Pets occupy such a unique place in our hearts. There is always a void when we lose one.

Pets help us reflect on the importance of balance time. Time to pay attention to those people and things in our lives that we enjoy and love.

Be sure to always take time to care for and nurture your relationships with family, friends and even pets.

Success means very little with out them.

My wife Michelle and I are asking anyone who feels so inclined to make a donation to the Arizona Animal Welfare League - the oldest and largest no-kill shelter in Arizona.

I'll resume our normal observations later this week. But for now, take time to take care of those you love and remember those who have passed on. They are always with you if you remember them in your heart.