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How to Fail Miserably Every Time

Of the thousands of possibilities, what are the steps that create failure and what are the steps that create success?

1. Success has a can do/I'll figure it out or get help and make it work attitude.

Failure embraces I'll hope for the best, try to remain positive and wait for an outcome kind of thinking.

2. Success sells products clients want to buy. Success finds that out through polling and asking clients what they want.

Failure sells products it thinks people want to buy. Failure never asks a client what they want or why.

3. Success creates a business around a talent or passion that is exciting and motivating. Inherent strengths and personal genius are used as competitive advantages. Success easily stands out from the crowd.

Failure builds a business around past experience. Failure feels it's stuck and has no other choice but to do what it has always done. It wakes up each day in an anxious state, hoping the day goes all right but feeling deep down disaster may be just around the next corner.

4. Success loves the people it works with. It is there to serve them in the highest and best way possible.

Failure often offers high quality, lowest prices, integrity, and honesty. Failure sounds a lot like everyone else. Long sales cycles, cutting prices and a lot of open sales that “are going to close really soon” but never do are common.

5. Success knows it will be great and come out on top. It feels accomplishment in the smallest things and is grateful and highly motivated every day.

Failure wishes and hopes things will get better. It keeps doing what it has always done and expects a different result. Failure never steps outside of its comfort zone, even though that comfort zone has long since proven ineffective.

You, as a small business owner or Solopreneur are the future of the American Economy. Opportunity abounds, but only if you take action to live the life of your dreams rather than staying stuck running in the same circle over and over again.