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What Makes Taylor Hicks Remarkable

Taylorhicks_2 Taylor Hicks is a new name on the music scene. Last night he won the American Idol competition and launched a major recording career as a result.

Why did Taylor win? He was remarkable.

Over thousands and thousands and thousands of other hopefuls, this one person believed in his talent, was unique in his presentation and remained true to himself, over all adversity.

Was that enough to win? Nope.

Taylor also:

1. Expressed joy from his heart all the time

2. Had a true and authentic passion for what he does

3. Believed in his talent, which made him comfortable in his skin.

And he did it week, after week, until he stood out completely from the crowd.

Taylor is unique in a commodity driven world because he is joyfully passionate about what he does.

How about you? Are you living with passion, joy, comfortable expressing your talent, or fitting in, doing the same thing as everyone else, looking forward to the next long weekend.

We can all learn a lot from Taylor Hicks…

Congratulations, Taylor!