What Makes Taylor Hicks Remarkable
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American Idol, a Study of Systems and Processes That Work

Simoncowell We learn the most about business by:

  • Traveling outside of our industry
  • Study the way other people do things successfully
  • Adapt and adopt those ideas to our situation.

One of the great “Buzz Marketing” success stories of the past 5-years is American Idol. I never watched it until this year and I was amazed by the power the show harbors.

Here’s the process I saw in ACTION

1. Form a strategic partnership with people who have strong, yet diverse connections in an industry

2. Put together a value that a niche group of people want. In this case, a recording contract for teens to 20-something people who feel they can sing.

3. Create a platform to exhibit this niche group and ask other people what they think. Then use their opinion to create a product to sell.

4. Narrow the field down until you get to one or two products.

5. Introduce that product to an audience who is anxiously waiting for it. Give them ways to talk about the product and encourage their friends to want it too so that you build anticipation for the final product launch.

6. Launch and sell the )@& out of the product. In the case of American Idol, 33-Million records sold over the past 5-years PLUS concert tickets, DVD sales, merchandise, etc.

7. Repeat the process every year.

Result: 65-Million votes for the product that won. My guess is instant Gold or Platinum Record for Taylor Hicks on a new single that was introduced.

That’s more voting than any Presidential Election in history and instant success for someone who was part of a process that works.