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Awareness, Focus and This Moment

All too often we spend our days doing the same thing we did the day before. Just as often we find that the action of yesterday is not producing the results we are looking for tomorrow.

Don’t be a person who settles for “the hand that’s dealt to them.” You don’t have to, it’s a choice.

Focus on what you want in life. Connect the dots and realize how your business will get you there.

Here’s how to create your personal focus plan

1. Write down the top 15 things you want in your life. Don’t over analyze. Go with your first impressions.

2. Review each item and compare one to the other. Start with the first item you wrote down. Compare it to the other 14. Of those 15-items, which one felt the best when you considered them all?

3. Continue down the list. Compare the remaining items. Find your second most important desire, then the third, until you have your top 5 items identified

4. Next create small, deliberate action steps you can take each day to move one micro step closer to where you want to be in life every day.

5. At the end of every week, take a look at what you achieved. Have you allowed yourself to slip into the patterns of the past or have you consistently taken new action in every moment that moves you toward a future you really desire.

Conscious Selling in an Oversold World

Selling with awareness for the needs of others (conscious selling) is so often overlooked that it seems like a foreign concept.

Everyone you sell to is a human being. They have dreams, aspirations, ideas, plans, challenges, successes and failures. They are looking to you for a solution.

Here are the steps to follow to become a conscious seller today

1. Write down the difference you make in the life of someone else. Review that statement often.

2. When meeting with your next new client, take the time to listen. Really understand their problems. As a conscious seller you are part psychologist, part detective, part psychic and part sympathetic friend.

3. Listen and use your knowledge and expertise to present the best solution to the given challenge; even if that means lower profit today.

4. View each client as a trusted friend. Take these ideas and respectfully approach each of your clients with a new found passion for your business. Ensure their needs are fully met, uncover areas where you may have underserved them in the past and create a bright new future for both of you as a conscious sales professional.

The Best Time to Create a New Result

The best time to create a new result is anytime you feel like it. This moment is a great time to get the ball rolling.   

I've found 3 symptoms that tell us it’s time to change

Symptom # 1: Boredom. Often the first signal in realizing the need for change.

Symptom # 2: Things just stop working. When everything becomes a chore, there is something going on that needs to be examined and modified.

Symptom # 3: Your passion disappears. You no longer have the drive to push as hard as you know you should.

The key is to make sure your business is built on a foundation of your inherent strengths. When it is, your enthusiasm skyrockets and you suddenly become more attractive to the people you can help the most.

Get back on track if you're experiencing any of the "need for change" symptoms

1. Realize that the time for change is right now. Don't feel like you can wait for a better time because one will never come.

2. Which of the time for change symptoms are you experiencing? Understanding your feelings about the challenge is your next step.

3. Is your business a reflection of your inherent strengths or is it just a job you own?

4. By answering the first three questions you'll find new found awareness about your business situation. Awareness is the first step in creating a new result.

5. Next write down all the possible solutions. Just sit quietly and jot down your personal feelings about what you are experiencing. Use your creativity and personal intuition. If you can’t, email me at with the Subject: Intuition Help

6. Schedule specific ACTION steps to create a new outcome. Using tools like 90 Minute Time Manager and Simpleology will help you to get clear and remain focused over the long haul.

Remember the superstar success formula: Ready, FIRE, Aim.