Awareness, Focus and This Moment
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How to Become the Best Salesperson in Your Industry

Sales is that single business practice that if done effectively will sky rocket any company to success.

Unfortunately, 85% of businesses are not as good as they need to be in generating sales, which is why we have the staggering failure rate we do in small business.

What does it take to be effective in sales? Just one thing; awareness.

  • Awareness of your client’s problem.
  • Awareness of the solution that is acceptable to your client; expressing that solution as a dollars and cents value.
  • Awareness of the process the client will go through to decide to purchase or not.

David Hepburn, Master Sales Trainer with the Sandler Sales Institute offers a slightly different perspective of sales and selling.

David offers the following thoughts to consider:

The sales person goes in to a call without a plan. The client that you are trying to involve in your product (sell) has a plan.

They lie, steal/cheat and then hide. That's the client's plan.

They lie and tell you they are interested in your products, they love them, and they are the best.

They steal or cheat when they ask you to be an unpaid consultant and educate them on everything they need to know and then they tell you "they'll think about it."

And when you try to get back to them, they hide and you have to send out the Search and Rescue Team just to get them to tell you NO.

That's the basis of the Buyer's Plan. If sales people don't have a plan to combat this plan, they will lose every time, even though they think that they have a chance to make a sale.

Let’s face it, very seldom does a small business owner, in the role of sales person, prepare for the sales call. Yet preparation is the shortest path to sales success. Something to seriously consider in your business building activities.