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Bob Benson is Living His Dream

Bob_benson_wc Bob Benson is someone I worked with in my stock photography days. He was a great Art Director who broke the mold and reinvented himself successfully.

Bob dropped me a note recently about a recent Creative Business Strategy post. Here's what he had to say...

Hi Bill,

It's Bob Benson. I have enjoyed your "blogs" and have noticed that with your recent photos you have lost a bit of weight. You look great! I can only assume that the concepts you outline in your messages are working in your life.

It's funny, I just scanned through your recent email regarding boredom and realized I had broken through a "boredom barrier" myself this past week by beginning a new series of acrylic canvasses after doing only watercolors now for over fifteen years.

The first one was so much fun to do; I decided to do a bunch more, just because it felt fresh again.

We all need to find some inspiration in our lives to stay fresh and motivated.


Bob Benson

You know, it’s always about taking ACTION, isn’t it.

For Bob, a new discovery can pay BIG dividends. Be sure to check out Bob’s work, he’s a great guy and a terrific artist who broke free of the conventional world to pursue his passion and dream.