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What is Fear Keeping YOU from Doing?

Overcoming fear is how you grow as a human being. Jumping over your greatest hurdles today opens you to broader horizons tomorrow.

Broader horizons present expanded opportunities; greater than you are able see right now.

Here’s how to build awareness to overcome your greatest fears and WIN every time.

1. The next time you feel uncomfortable about doing something meaningful, STOP that thought process and subjectively write down that fear.

2. Confront your fear, on paper then close your eyes and ask yourself “What is it about (the fear) that frightens me?”

3. Write down the first thing that comes to your mind. Read your answer. Ponder it. Understand why you have the fear in the first place.

4. Then take a deep breath and just do the task that scares you. Yep, that’s what I’m saying; jump in with both feet and tackle the thing that scares you the most.

5. Keep doing it until the fear subsides and you have control over your emotions surrounding this event.

6. Then schedule time to do this task throughout the day or week. Make sure you are doing it regularly to build your confidence and results.

7. Every time you encounter a new fear, do this exercise.

8. At the end of 3-months, notice how you feel. See how much you have gained both professionally and personally.

Does Your Business Feed Your Soul

Here are 4-major questions to consider about your business:

1. Does your business feed your soul and energize every cell in your body or is it just another job?

2. Do you wake up with a lot of energy and ideas or do you wish you could go back to sleep?

3. Are you on a mission to accomplish something specific or are you reacting to whatever happens each day?

4. Do you feel like you add value to the lives of other people every day or do you watch the clock and wish the day would end?

Your response to those four questions will tell you right now, if your business is a joy that feeds your passions and desires or a black hole just sucking every ounce of energy it can from your family, your career and your life.

Give this exercise a shot to get moving in the right direction 

1. Take a hard honest look at your answer to the questions above. You may even feel resistance to doing the exercise.

2. If you feel fulfilled, energized and happy to start the day so that you can add value to the lives of other people, good job! Consider ways you can take your energy, ideas and passions to a broader audience if possible.

3. If you feel like your work day is sucking every ounce of energy from you:

Make a list of what you want in your life. Then what you want in your business. Make sure your business supports the direction you would like to go in life in general.

Take the advice of Mark Victor Hanson. Write down what your purpose in life is. If you don’t know, sit down in a quiet place for a few minutes and ask the question: “If I knew my purpose in life, what would it be.”

Then write down the business model you are pursuing, based on your purpose in life. Connecting your business to your purpose in life is a key element to achieving lasting happiness from your enterprise.


WHAT IS THE BUSINESS MODEL: Develop Your Vision is an information marketing company, selling events, training programs, information products and consulting services to small business owners and Solopreneurs who are looking for a distinct, competitive advantage in their business.

WHO DO WE SERVE: Our clients are in small, service based businesses. They want to use the power of their inherent strengths and personal creativity so that they can create a business that is a direct reflection of their greatest strengths, talents and passions.

WHAT VALUE DO WE ADD TO THEIR LIFE: We show them how to create a business that stands out from any competitor, because it uses the unique talents and passions of the business owner.

WHAT IS THE RESULT: Our clients stand out as being unique in a commodity driven world. As a result, they learn to love their life in business once again, continue to add value to the lives of other people and grow beyond what they may have thought possible.

Email your business model to and I’ll give you a few ideas on how to use it effectively.

Delta Doesn't Seem to Realize

Airliner As you may recall, in February, I had a great customer service experience with Delta Airlines on my recent trip to Atlanta.

They "said" they were reinstating my frequent flier program that was 10 years old. They gave me a temporary card, with my Sky Miles number and an 800 number. They welcomed me back to the frequent flier family. All I had to do to get credit for that trip was call an 800 number.

Today I called to get credit for the trip, per the Delta Ticket Agents instructions. Sounded easy. I was back in the frequent flier fold.

Well, it was not easy.

30-minutes, back and forth, on hold forever, back to me. "Hey, you need to copy your tickets, copy your drivers license, write us a letter, mail to this 6 line address, and then we'll review to see if this qualifies."

AAAHHH, No, instead I think I'll just fly the best deal when I travel some where else.

Delta must not realize that there are MANY choices in air travel. Client care is the entire program that separates one airline from another.

Delta missed the boat...

... And they started out so well in Phoenix.