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Delta Doesn't Seem to Realize

Airliner As you may recall, in February, I had a great customer service experience with Delta Airlines on my recent trip to Atlanta.

They "said" they were reinstating my frequent flier program that was 10 years old. They gave me a temporary card, with my Sky Miles number and an 800 number. They welcomed me back to the frequent flier family. All I had to do to get credit for that trip was call an 800 number.

Today I called to get credit for the trip, per the Delta Ticket Agents instructions. Sounded easy. I was back in the frequent flier fold.

Well, it was not easy.

30-minutes, back and forth, on hold forever, back to me. "Hey, you need to copy your tickets, copy your drivers license, write us a letter, mail to this 6 line address, and then we'll review to see if this qualifies."

AAAHHH, No, instead I think I'll just fly the best deal when I travel some where else.

Delta must not realize that there are MANY choices in air travel. Client care is the entire program that separates one airline from another.

Delta missed the boat...

... And they started out so well in Phoenix.