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How Stay Focused Everyday

Time to Read: 90 Seconds

The mindset you want to embrace is to keep it simple. Don’t make planning your day complex.

First, figure out how many hours you want to work today.

Then, list everything you have going on in your life right now. Make sure you list everything, don’t leave anything out.

Prioritize the single most important thing you MUST get done today.

Evaluate how long it will take you to do it. Be sure to over estimate. It always takes longer than you think.

Then go to the second most important thing.

Evaluate how long it will take you to do it.

Then the third most important. Evaluate how long it will take you to do it.

Get the 2, 3 or 4 most important things done first, before doing non-essential tasks like checking email or making non-sales related telephone calls.

These things may seem like work, but unless you’re generating revenue from these activities, it is probably not your prime business mission each day.

Stay focused on each task. Don’t let anything else distract you as you accomplish your most important things one-by-one.

Do this exercise for just 3-days. At the end of 3-days see how you feel.

I’m betting you’ll feel light, focused, and more profitable.

On March 14th I am going to change the life of 100 small business owners in Phoenix AZ.

Take the first step now. Visit the Your Life into Focus website.

A tale of two promotions

Pen_and_fax I received 2 offers to buy things today.


One was a 4 page fax (pictured on the right). It was not relevant, it was not anticipated and obviously it was not welcome.


It was the kind of promotion that was very memorable, in a negative sort of way.


Then, later in the day I received a lumpy letter in the mail.


It also was not relevant or anticipated. It was however very personal. It was also memorable and I’d like to acknowledge Mike Adler, the owner founder of Myron, the Leader in Personalized Business Gifts.


Nice job Mike. Now we know why you’re the leader.


You understand that you can interrupt me, show me the value of what you have to offer, make it personal to me and get a great response. Visit Mike and Myron at Myron Corporation. 


What did we learn from all this?


You have to interrupt to get attention sometimes.


BUT when you demonstrate value, you get a great response.


As opposed to when you send a 4-page fax before finding out if I am even interested in what you have to offer. Permission can make you memorable. But hey, so can a nice Pen_close_uppen with my companies name engraved on it.

How To Love Your life in Business

Promoting your talent and passion in business is the quickest way to fulfillment, joy and contentment. The combination is your true path to success.

Follow these steps to get the ball rolling.

1. Title a blank sheet, What the *@#* Do I HAVE to Do to Make My Vision Happen NOW?

2. Write your authentic talent in business statement (my authentic talent in business is ____) as the first sentence.

3. List the top 3 to 5 services you offer that fully utilizes your talent and passion in business. Pick the one MAJOR service (the most profitable) you offer and make it your primary target.

4. Make sure each of the services you list compliment and feed each other.

Your goal is to offer services based on your inherent strengths (talent). Then only offer supporting services that lead people to your MAJOR offer.

In my upcoming Pull Your Life into Focus Experience on March 17th, I'll teach an idea called "The Law of Concentric Circles."

The idea is to make sure everything you do extends and leads to the "ultimate service" you offer. Watch for an announcement coming soon.

5. When you have completed your What the *@#* Statement, email your ideas to me at

I'll take a look and give you feedback on whether or not your plan extends your business or dilutes it.

Basically, I'll put you on the right track to focusing on talent instead of remaining stuck in the “programmed” business model.

You'll be on track and clear so that you can use your talent to make a difference in the lives of others.

The best part is, by following these steps; you'll learn to love your life in small business once again