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PLEASE Don't Make me Jump Through Hoops

Here's something we can all learn from.

About 2 weeks ago I went to my local Office Max to order a name tag for networking functions. I thought about doing is for a LONG time and finally got around to it.

I ordered, was told there was some question on the jpg image I wanted to put on the badge and was given the option to pay when I picked up.

Today was the day after my name badge was supposed to be ready. I was in the area so I stopped in. Steve, the manager of the Copy Max area took care of me. "Do you have a receipt?"

I did not.

Steve looked high and low. He asked if I had my receipt again. I didn't. I don't think he believed I never got one.

Finally, after rubbing his head and sighing heavily, Steve told me he had no idea where my order was. I should call on Monday and talk to someone whose name I cannot remember now.

Instead, I'll call another vendor.

Here's the take-away. Life in business sometimes has challenges. It's going to happen on occasion. If things go wrong with a clients order, correct the problem at the CLIENTS convenience, not yours.

Caring goes a long way in retaining business. While Office Max maybe close by, it is certainly not convenient in this case.