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Everyone is Looking for a Leader

The best way to lead is to show the path. What expertise do you have that can be shared with other people in a well defined niche?

Try these ideas to establish a leadership role

1. Send a written article you create on a regular basis

2. Provide an audio you record that can be given away on CD

3. Conduct live meetings that allows your prospect to gain value from you first.

4. Become the expert reporter that focuses on the best information about your industry. You’ll lead by default so to speak.

To create an effective information marketing tool, follow these ACTION steps:

1. Write down 10 things you know about your business that the general population does not know. The best way to start is with questions you are commonly asked.

2. Formulate the answers to these common questions and create an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) document.

3. Share your FAQ report with clients, referrals, prospects and anyone who shares the same characteristics as your best clients

4. To increase the effectiveness of this ACTION, always precede any information you provide with a "talent in business statement."

When you do, you’ll be seen as unique in a commodity driven world by becoming the “expert” others turn to for advice and ideas.

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Learn How to Procrastinate Properly

As the Worlds Best, Worst Procrastinator I think I know a thing or two about this subject.

Procrastination is something we all do at one time or the other. The best suggestion I can make is to schedule it!

Here’s how to procrastinate properly

1. Add 60 to 90 minutes of procrastination time to your schedule. It can be every day, a few times a week or as little as one time per month.

2. Schedule a specific time to accomplish this task. Lunch time can be good because you can combine tasks; lunch and procrastination time.

3. Schedule a beginning, middle and end to your procrastination.

4. Don’t plan what you'll do. Just free form it for the allotted time.

5. At the end, put whatever distractions you have out away and resume your schedule.

6. Repeat the next day, two days later or later in the month.

7. When you schedule your procrastination time, you can look forward to it, realize the break is coming and allow it to “be all right.”

Getting Focused REALLY Works

The first live session of our Pull Your Life into Focus Forum REALLY had an impact on Marc Burke of USB Financial Services.

Here's what Marc has to say

I would like to recommend the course even after just the first meeting. 

That day

  1. I signed up for a pure fitness membership (I have been Procrastinating for 2 years). 
  2. Also, made 15 calls to potential clients and scheduled 4 new meetings from those calls with people who are very interested in getting peace of mind with their financial situation.
  3. Today I had a transfer of new business come through for another $385,000. 

Nice job Marc. When you stop setting goals and make decisions based on where you REALLY want to go in life you create the miraculous every time.

Find out more about Marc by visiting his web site at