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Follow Your Feelings for Greater Productivity

Time to Read: 90 Seconds

Have you ever had a time that you thought “I have a feeling that I should _____.”

Then you didn't follow that inspiration and the results were less than spectacular.

Instead of going against your feelings, follow them instead. “Go with the flow” so to speak.

1. When faced with a decision, start by understanding exactly what you are feeling. For best results, write your feelings down as they arise.

2. Consider the final result you are seeking from this decision. Think, “I am looking for ____ result from this decision.” Write down the result you’re after.

3. Follow the path that feels the best, even if your “rational” thoughts contradict it.

4. You’ll know you're on the right track because you will feel happy and stress free instead of having a pain in the pit of your stomach.

5. Write down the result you gained from following your heart. Doing this exercise repeatedly will help you learn to trust your inspirations instead of ignoring them.

You’ll be on your way to tapping into one of the most powerful forces available to you – your personal creativity and genius.

Start today. And email me your results at genius@developyourvision.com.

I’ll add your experience right here to the blog with a link to your web site. Fame and fortune await, so don’t delay!