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Everyone is Looking for a Leader

The best way to lead is to show the path. What expertise do you have that can be shared with other people in a well defined niche?

Try these ideas to establish a leadership role

1. Send a written article you create on a regular basis

2. Provide an audio you record that can be given away on CD

3. Conduct live meetings that allows your prospect to gain value from you first.

4. Become the expert reporter that focuses on the best information about your industry. You’ll lead by default so to speak.

To create an effective information marketing tool, follow these ACTION steps:

1. Write down 10 things you know about your business that the general population does not know. The best way to start is with questions you are commonly asked.

2. Formulate the answers to these common questions and create an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) document.

3. Share your FAQ report with clients, referrals, prospects and anyone who shares the same characteristics as your best clients

4. To increase the effectiveness of this ACTION, always precede any information you provide with a "talent in business statement."

When you do, you’ll be seen as unique in a commodity driven world by becoming the “expert” others turn to for advice and ideas.

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