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Take Time to Let EVERYONE Know You Appreciate Them.

Time to read this post -- 90 Seconds

The holidays are a great time to let people know you appreciate them.

1. Tell your clients how much you appreciate their business and look forward to continuing the relationship in the New Year.

2. Let vendors know what a great job they are doing for you. Thank them for being at their best when working with you.

3. Tell your employees and outside contractors how much you appreciate their hard work and diligence.

4. Thank anyone who gave you a great referral or provided outstanding service.

5. Most important, tell the people you love how thankful you are for them being in your life.

Heartfelt appreciation takes only a minute to give and makes both the giver and receiver feel great.

Make a promise to yourself to let those who support your aspirations and make your life more enjoyable know that you appreciate them and their contribution to your life.

Have a wonderful Holiday and celebrate your traditions with gusto.

From "It's About Time" the 90 Minute Time Manager time tip of the week.

The Salavation Army has a Great Sales Process

If you're not sure how the sales process works, click here. If you are, read on...

I give to the Salvation Army on the holidays. I was brought up believing the story that the Salvation Army is on the streets really helping the people who need it the most. My parents told me that story when I was very young and I still believe it. So I make a donation every year.

With this years donation I got a very nice letter from the Division Commander, personalized with my donation amount and a offer to "Lock in a secure stream of income for life with a Salvation Army charity gift annuity."

The offer had a clear and focused next step with a window envelop for my return reply.

This was not an especially expensive mailing. It was relevant and personal with a call to action to help further.

What can you learn from the Salvation Army? How about simple back-end selling with a strong cross-sell.

Make your New Years resolution now. Thank ALL of your clients in the New Year after every sale and make them a back-sell, cross-sell offer when you do.

Nicely done Salvation Army.

Details that Mattered to Me and Michelle

Bill_and_the_crock_pot Every guest at Briar Patch gets a few surprises. Wonderful soap that smelled and felt great, organic coffee for the in-room coffee maker and a homemade breakfast that was excellent and offered healthy food choices.

Here was the BIGGEST surprise to me -- the wood for the fireplace was just outside my door, neatly stacked in a bin, ready to go and as much as I could possilby burn in an evening.

Everyone was geniunely super friendly. The minute we walked into breakfast, Nanette was made us feel welcome. Everyone was interested in what we were up to. Because of THEIR interest in us, we were interested in them as well. As a result, we learned interesting ways we may interact in the future.

How can you create a warm welcome, surpass your clients expectations and add those special litte surprises at every turn?

Figure that out and you'll become blog worthy -- just like Rob, JoAnne, Wendi, Nannette and Marilyn at the Briar Patch Inn. When you stop by, tell them I sent you.