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Business is all about Authentic Stories and Systems that Convey Them

Sales_graph In the past, business was about selling products and services to make a profit.

Here’s the problem with bottom line focus. There are hundreds of thousands of people vying for each others “business attention.”

No one cares about your bottom line. As a result, if your message is focused on generating revenue, it will fail a majority of the time.

How are sales made? How do we convert interruption into money?

1. By telling authentic stories about your talent and passion in business to people who care.

2. By having well defined systems to deliver your story consistently.

3. By touching each prospect you have permission to talk to at least 27 times before dropping them.

4. By developing a “mission mindset.” Your mission is something you MUST accomplish with your business.

Then look at your existing client list.

* Who do you most enjoy working with?

* What industry are they in?

* How do you help them?

* What do they receive as a result of working with you?

Start by educating them about your expertise. Create an article, e-book, audio product or other information that you can give away.

Call up people who share the traits of your ideal clients and ask them if you can share your findings on _________ (the topic of your information).

Follow that up with a telephone call. Talk about their business in relationship to the report you sent.

Follow the phone call up with a thank you or good to meet you card. Please do NOT send email at this step. Send something on paper that conveys warmth and a sense that you went out of your way.

Articulate your talent and passion, document your process and follow it consistently.

Excerpt from 12/26/2005 Creative Business Strategy. Subscribe Here.