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Meditate Your Way to Business Success

Awo_025Meditation is all about calming the mind to allow for greater inner perspective.

Contrary to the popular view meditation does not have to be a "silent sport." It can be dynamic, moving, energetic and calming, all at the same time.

Try these ideas

1. Take a walk of about 1 to 2 miles. Notice your surroundings. Think about how you feel as you walk. Focus on how you are breathing. Take a moment to appreciate anything beautiful you pass by.

2. Go play a round of golf. But instead of worrying about how you’re going to play, notice your surroundings instead. Focus on the experience of playing in this beautiful garden right NOW.

Enjoy every moment and remember, every hole (just like every day in your life) holds the potential of a fresh new start.

3. Go out and take a few pictures. When you see something (anything) that catches your attention, go over to it for a closer look.

Notice how light and shadows interplay. Focus on what you notice when you look at an object.

4. Begin your day by looking at your true goal in life. Write them down and read then aloud.

Then write down ACTION steps you can accomplish today, which will take you one step closer to that goal.

Meditation can be much more than a quiet activity. It is focused contemplation that teaches us all how to focus on this moment to get more things accomplished.

As you notice your experience of right NOW, the answer that solves challenges or provides new inspiration will surface, seemingly out of nowhere, giving you a distinct competitive edge in both business and life.