Don’t Set Goals, Make Decisions Instead
Even Watching Star Wars Takes Time

Make Your Business FUN Once Again

Havefun A businesses you own becomes a job you hate when day-to-day activities no longer support the vision of the business owner, merely the revenue aspects.

Making money is never enough

Businesses can only be exhilarating when the business owner is promoting a passion; an idea they feel so good about that it has to be shouted from roof tops, not just “sold” in the marketplace.

To Get That Passion Back

1 Complete this sentence – “My true and authentic talent in business is _____________.”

2. Which of your ideas (relating to your talent in business) has the greatest value to the people you enjoy working with the most?

3. Identify your favorite clients. Take note of who they are and what industry they are in.

4. List 3-ways you can communicate your talent and idea to your favorite clients.

5. Go to your time planner and schedule the exact time and date you will accomplish this task.

6. Contact people who are just like your favorite clients and show them the talent, passion and value you provide.

7. Repeat continuously. When you get off track, go back and review step 1 again.

Your business will be much more FUN when it is a direct expression of the talent and value you provide to other people.