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Don’t Listen to Your Critics. Remember Hines Ward

Hinesward I don’t watch Monday Night Football very often. In fact, this past Monday was the first time all year.

There was a great story about a player with uncommon determination. His name is Hines Ward. He is a Wide Receiver for the Pittsburg Steelers.

If you don’t know, the Steelers are considered one of the “great” teams in the history of professional football

Hines was a third round draft pick. That means he was considered an OK player but not superstar quality.

Hines was told he would NEVER be a starter in the NFL.

Hines didn’t care what people had to say about his talent. He believed in it with a passion. After eight years in the league, he went out last Monday night and broke the all time Pittsburg Steelers record for most receptions in a career (538).

Hines beat Hall of Fame Players like John Stallworth and Lynn Swan. They are icons in the game of football. Now Hines is an icon too.

No matter what anyone tells you, remember the determination of Hines Ward. Believe in your talent and you may just create a miracle too; no matter what anyone tells you.