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Shift Your Thinking; Marketing Can be Easy

Marketing is not hard; although at times, it can seem difficult.

Marketing, in its simplest form, is just communicating a value you provide to other people.

One of the greatest marketing values you have over any competitor is communicating a message of caring.

Frequency ties it all together. Before doing anything else, think about the many ways you can communicate to:

  • Clients first
  • Prospects who are just like your existing clients second
  • The rest of the universe third and last.

Make a list. Who will you communicate with?

1. Family
2. Friends
3. Clients
4. Vendors
5. Business associates
6. People in your professional and personal network
7. New people you meet
8. After a telephone contact
9. After an in-person contact
10. After a demonstration or presentation
11. After a purchase
12. As a thank you for a referral
13. After someone DOESN’T buy from you
14. To anyone who gives you service
15. Every year let clients know you appreciate them with a “1-year (or another year) of doing business together” thank you card.

Help a few people feel good once each day. Let them know you appreciate and were thinking of them.

See how you’ll begin to feel. Also, notice the response caring generates from people you reach out to.

The World Series MEME

A MEME is a term borrowed from genetics that refers to "a unit of identification."

In marketing a MEME separtes one idea from another by using images, words, sounds, graphics, etc to convey an idea and hopefully emblaze that idea into the mind of the reader/listener.

During the World Series game one, Ebay unleashed it's new MEME which is simply IT. The tag line is "What ever IT is, you can get IT on Ebay."

Of course the IT graphic is in the famous Ebay primary colors. MEMEs make ideas memorable for sure.

In this case, a couple of primary colors and 10 words help us learn what Ebay is all about.

How Your Future Impacts Your Time Today

With the 90 Minute Tme Manager, Live event just a week away, this idea is worth repeating.

To control time you have to know:

1. Where you want to go in life

2. Where you are today

Once you do, schedule your day to move one tiny step toward where you want to be in life, both personally and professionally.

Take the advice of Jack Canfield in The Success Principals.

When considering your ideal life, think about:

1. Work and career

2. Finances

3. Recreation and free time

4. Health and fitness

5. Relationships

6. Personal goals

7. Contribution to the world

And one I personally recommend embracing – the value you add to the lives of other people.