Working ON not IN Your Business
How Your Future Impacts Your Time Today

How to be Great in Business

For many people marketing seems to take too much time. But if marketing doesn’t attract interest to set-up sales opportunities, sales will be lower than they should be.

Solve this problem by gaining focus. Answer these questions.

1. What is the greatest value you provide to buyers? This is your prime benefit.

2. Who do you most enjoy providing this value to? This is your ideal target market

3. How are you different than your competitors? This is your niche.

4. What are your personal core values in business? This is your identity

Now all you have to do is create a statement that incorporates the four points above into a paragraph and you have your basic marketing story.

The second step is telling that story consistently to:

  • Your existing clients first
  • Your ideal target market second
  • Other suspects that are in the same or similar industries as your existing clients

You can create a consistent marketing program in less than one hour a week. Just get focused, understand your story and communicate that story to a group of people who care, consistently.

This Weeks Action

1 Get focused. Create a story that tells people the value you provide.

2. Tell your story to your existing clients, your ideal target market and other suspects that are in the same or similar industries as your existing clients.

3. Be consistent. Communicate your story to just 5 people every day.

4. Tell your story both verbally and in writing. To accomplish the written part in record time. Check out

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