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What do I do when my mailbox is full

I was running and moving and shakin’ over the past couple of days. As a result, I didn’t check my mail for 2 days.

I know, it’s a bad thing to do – but life happens. What can I tell you?

When I finally checked it last night it was full to the brim. There was a CD set I ordered and a ton of other mail.

I went through it.

Mortgage offer, ad paper, more mortgage offers (hey I already own a house and already have a low rate and I don’t need a second mortgage or line of credit), credit card offer, business credit card offer, the super money saver paper, a bill for internet access, more mortgage offers, another credit card offer, a bill for Michelle’s (my wife) car and yet another mortgage offer, a call to join AARP, advertising for AAA,.

What did I do?

I opened the bills and scheduled payment dates. I also started enjoying the CD set I purchased.

Then, toss, throw, shred, toss some more, shred, throw away yet again.

Tons of mail and only 3 pieces were relevant.

Everything else was simply thrown away. I am VERY happy I have a recycling program in my town.

Direct mail, like all marketing communications, has to be personal, relevant and anticipated (thank you Seth Godin for teaching us that lesson) to be kept from the recycle bin.

Remember that the next time you plan to spend $100’s or $1,000’s or more on mailing. If I don’t know you, I’m tossing your letter away. My mailbox is too darn full to do otherwise.