Perfection is Really a Flaw
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The Moment Michael Knew Perfection Was a Flaw

This story about "perfection" comes from Michael Stein, President of Members Only Software and a reader of Creative Business Strategy of the Week.

Here's  the moment when I learned perfectionism was a flaw. I was "hangin' out" in my friend Jim's office - I had an office in the same building, when a client of his came to pick up some work.

Jim was a  graphics desginer and served as art director and production shop for the US-based magazine of another countr'y's embassy here in Washington - a "Freedonia Today" sort of thing.

Jim told him he was sorry it would have to be late, but he wasn't satistfied with his result and several pages needed to be reworked.

The client was flipping through the mechanicals (this really dates the story - and me! This was in the late 70's) saying "No, It's great, It's beautiful, I want to take it to the printer's today." 

But Jim wouldn't let go of it. It got to be a physical tug of war, with the client threatening "If you don't let me take these out of the office today, we're finding another design shop"  Jim finally gave in.