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HP Crashes then Soars

Hpnotebookweb I purchased a notebook computer last week. After extensive research and thoughtful shopping I landed on the HP 1311se as a good fit form my needs.

I carefully set it up on Sunday, installing MS Office Small Business software.

The next day I booted the computer up and lo and behold an error message of “Managed MAPI Catastrophic Failure” appeared.

CATASTROPHIC FAILURE and I haven’t even left the house with it.

Calling HP support I spoke with a man named Samphosh. Samphosh told me that the problem was software related, so I would have to pay $59 to fix it.

“$59, no, it’s a new machine Samphosh,” was my reply.

“Sorry, it’s not hardware related so we will charge you to fix it.”

“Move me to a supervisor who wants me to be happy that I chose HP instead of Dell please Samphosh.”

After 15 minutes with no answer, other that Smaphosh telling me I’m still on hold, I hung up, went online, found HP HQ in CA and called.

When the receptionist answered I asked her, “Can you please connect me to someone at your Corporate Headquarters who cares whether or not I’m happy with my new HP purchase decision?”

She knew exactly what to do and connected me with Case Manager Allison, in the Executive Office.

Allison was clear and articulate.

Happy point # 1 for me.

She assured me that my computer actually receives tech support for 1-year after purchase at no charge.

Happy point # 2.

She told me she will fix the problem. Now I’m getting much happier.

Call # 1, the problem seemed to be resolved. BUT, just in case she gave me her phone number. “Call me back if you have any further problem.”

I stepped away from my desk. When I returned there was the Catastrophic Failure staring at me once again. SO, I called Allison back.

We tried a few more things, and then discovered the problem was in Norton.

She fixed it and this morning my machine is running better than ever, thanks to Allison. The HP customer service person that REALLY cared.

Thank you Allison. You let me know that I made a good choice with HP.