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How to Generate Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is one secret of Human Touch Marketing. It is also one of the very best ways to position your business ahead of the competition.

Word of mouth can be quite easy to harness

First, you have to sell ideas, not products or services. If an idea creates a feeling, like happiness or solves a pressing problem, the word will spread.

In Unleashing the Idea Virus, Seth Godin tells us to make sure our product is remarkable and virus worthy. Then give people a way to spread the word easily.

The reason Hotmail spread so well was because it was a great idea that was easy to spread. It focused on a tight network of people (called ‘hives’) that wanted the idea.

It always comes down to networks and niches

But knowing people is not enough. Energy is a key element.

The publicist for the book Cold Mountain spent hours listing authors they thought might be interested in reading the book. Then they gave each a copy of the book in the spirit of “wanting to share it with you.”

This, in turn, inspired the authors to talk about the book within their networks.

The energy of well thought out networks paid huge dividends. Of course the people who spread the message were credible to the networks they reached.

Credibility is another key in spreading the word. Tap the networks where you have built trust and share a good idea with them.

This Weeks Action

1. What is the greatest value you provide to others? This is where buzz begins.

2. How can you spread the word?

3. Pick one group who can benefit from your idea. Then provide them with a sample of your idea in the spirit of “wanting to share it with you.”

4. Follow this plan consistently. Like marketing, creating buzz is an ongoing process.

5. Make interacting with you a memorable experience. Caring is still one of the very best ways to generate massive word of mouth for your business.

6. Request a copy of Unleashing the Idea Virus by Seth Godin, with my compliments. Email seth@developyourvision.com and I’ll email it to you right away.