Communicate with Clients and Prospects Regularly
Tragedy Touches Our Hearts

Your Observations Are Interesting to People Who Care

You are a treasure trove of information to your target market. The problem is most small business owners never communicate their knowledge beyond trying to sell their services.

When considering ideas to communicate don't start by thinking, “Who cares about what I have to say.”

Anyone who sees you as knowledgeable and well informed wants to know more about your ideas and views.

Simply start by communicating what you know.

Look for opportunities to write about:

  • New trends in your industry
  • Your observations of what’s good or could be improved in product or service categories
  • Challenges your clients have solved by using your product or service
  • Things related to your industry that happen in the news, both locally and nationally
  • Your observations of other expert’s opinions

You are seen as an “expert” when you communicate your observations and ideas. Once you have established your expertise, people will turn to you for the easy news.

This Weeks Action

1. Start a blog

2. Write about your observations and ideas

3. If you absolutely do NOT want to blog – how about writing a few short articles?

4. Can you talk about what you know at networking functions? If so, create a 15 to 30- minute, information only presentation.

Just remember, do not sell. Give education and value to other people instead.

Next Week

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